A Meeting Place

Fayette Baptist is excited and pleased to announce that we officially have a place to meet starting on launch day, August 12, 2012!  The Fayette County school board voted unanimously to allow Fayette Baptist to meet Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights at West Junior High School.  This has been a huge blessing, and, once again, has exceeded our expectations.

The cafetorium, where we will be meeting for worship

The entryway at West...Fayette Baptist's foyer!

the teachers' lounge, which we are planning to use for our nursery and preschool

one of the many classrooms to which we will have access

Pastor Drew is in awe over the fact that we get to use the library!

We will be utilizing the kitchen for Wednesday night meals

Isn’t God good?!  Thank you, West Junior High, for giving us the opportunity to worship in your facilities!  Hope to see all of you, dear friends and family, here at West on August 12.

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2 thoughts on “A Meeting Place

  1. Sherry Hall says:

    God has been & will continue to be great to this church as long as you give Him all the honor and Glory for each victory as it comes your way!! So, may I say Thank you Jesus! Halleluea Amen!! & Please Dear Lord continue to guide and direct this church in all that they move forward to do in the future. It is only God that can make these things happen!!

  2. Cheryl Selby says:

    God is Awesome!!! I am so happy for you guys and what a blessing!

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