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Life Groups

For about a month now we have been “role playing” Life Groups during our Sunday morning meetings at Bellevue Arlington.  We will be using a book called Story Thru the Bible, which covers 52 stories from the Old and New Testaments.  Everyone from the PreSchool children up to our adult classes will be studying the same story every week.  We are excited about this holistic approach.

We currently have two adult men classes, two adult women classes, one coed class, a children’s class, and a preschool class.  Another new aspect we are excited about is that we will be utilizing a multigenerational approach, where our youth will be in classes with the adults.  We feel that there will be many advantages to using this approach, one being our hope and prayer that it will encourage the older believers in the church to teach and encourage the younger believers.

Please pray for us as we continue to train our Life Group facilitators and co-facilitators, and pray that we will reach many people through Life Groups at Fayette Baptist Church!


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Meet our Core Team Members!

I’m really excited to introduce you to some of our core team members.  Please remember these names and faces and commit them to prayer.  Every one of these individuals is stepping out in faith with this church plant.  It is not an easy thing to leave solid church homes to start a new work, but the Holy Spirit led each and every one of these people to be a part of Fayette Baptist Church, and we are so grateful and excited about that!  So without further ado, let me introduce Mitch & Myra Martin.

Mitch and Myra met at Oklahoma Baptist UniversityMitch attended Golden Gate Seminary in California.   He has his Doctorate of Ministries degree.  He served as a Pastor in the states of Oregon, Idaho, and Washington.  Both Mitch & Myra were commissioned as NAMB missionaries to Utah and Idaho.  Mitch served as the Director of Missions for Golden Spike, and as the State Director of Missions for the Utah/Idaho Convention.  He was employed at Lifeway as Editor In Chief for Ministry Magazines, and also served as a Pastoral Ministries Specialist.  Mitch currently serves as Leadership Development Director for the Midsouth Baptist Association. 
Mitch is trained and certified in many ministry areas; he is a certified and accredited coach.  Myra was a stay at home mother, as well as working with Mitch faithfully in the churches and areas of ministry, encouraging many people.  Myra has a heart for prayer and is deeply a believer that God answers prayer! 
On a personal note, Mitch & Myra have two adult children.  Their son Dustin is 26 years old and graduated from Union University and works as a computer programmer.  He is married to Candice and they make their home in Louisville, Kentucky.  Their daughter Kristin is 24 and is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and works at Precepts Ministries in the Marketing and Social Media area.
Mitch will be serving Fayette Baptist Church as the Executive Pastor.  His main responsibilities will include providing leadership to the staff, assisting the Pastor, and training members of the congregation to take on leadership positions.

A heavy emphasis will be placed on prayer at Fayette Baptist, and Myra Martin will be leading the prayer ministry.  
Please pray for Mitch & Myra and the new work they will be doing at Fayette Baptist Church!

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